Here, you can see the videos that were made from or about the WNYIT Conferences.

News & Promo Videos

WNYIT 2021 Promo Video - WACS

WNYIT 2020 Promo Video - WACS

Session Recordings 2021

Thank you so much for coming to WNYIT! To get to the session recordings, scroll down to the session you want on the 2021 Sessions page and watch!

ATLAS Team Virtual Panel Discussions

During last spring, the Alden ATLAS Team hosted a series of panels about various tech topics facilitated by Alden students and uploaded them to their YouTube channel.

  • Careers in a Global Economy - 6/10/2020

  • Manufacturing Trades - 5/27/2020

  • Artistic Careers - 5/7/2020

  • Engineering - 4/30/2020

  • Women in Technology - 4/23/2020

Careers in a Global Economy

Manufacturing Trades


Artistic Careers

Women in Technology